Your Email Signature is All Wrong

Posted by Maya Pillai

The world has become a global village thanks to the Internet. Today, writing emails has become a large part of modern business communication. We no longer use snail mail to send and receive letters and other important documents. We’re at a stage where email communication is used to promote your small business. We have started exchanging virtual business cards using … Continue reading

Quick Start Guide: Contact Forms

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

Here is a quick start guide of Apptivo wordpress contact form plugin. The steps are listed in such a way that even a newbie to this can understand easily. Activating Contact Form To activate Contact Form plugin, Check on Enable option for “Contact Forms” under Plugin settings in Apptivo General Settings. Creating New Contact Form To create contact form, enter … Continue reading

Configuring Memcached with PhP

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

Download Memcached on your computer Install Memcached service, then run it. Verify your PHP code is compiled with Memcached.  If not, you’ll need to recompile or download a pre-compiled version of PHP. Load the memcached extension from within PHP, and restart your web server. Memcached should now be functioning. See this URL for further details:

Installing SoapClient for PHP

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

If you already have php installed, locate your php.ini file Now, go through the file and find two lines.  For each of these lines, delete the “;” character at the beginning extension=php_openssl.dll extension=php_soap.dll Restart your web server

Purchasing the Plugin

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

To purchase a site key for the Apptivo Business Site plugin, start off by creating an Apptivo account. Once you have created your Apptivo account, you’ll need to log in and access the WordPress Business Site App. If this app isn’t available on your list of applications, use the “App Store” link at the top of the page, and find … Continue reading

Jobs: Front-End Integration

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

There are multiple standard pages that are required for the jobs plugin to operate properly, and a couple additional features which are optional.  Start off by setting up the required pages, then move onto the optional pages & widgets. Embedding in Pages Jobs Listing Page *Required The first thing you’ll need is to create the page that will list the … Continue reading

Jobs: Basic Setup

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Jobs First off, we’ll need to create a new job opening.  Simply navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard, and find the “Jobs” link under the “Apptivo” section of the left column.  On this page you will see a form with multiple fields.  We will fill in these fields with the information for our job, only the … Continue reading

Jobs: Overview

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

The Jobs feature integrates directly with the comprehensive Apptivo human resources management tools, and provides a simple interface to manage the creation and management of job listings. It is also simple to add a job search form for your users, and you can place a featured jobs section anywhere on the website. This feature makes it simple to manage your … Continue reading

Events: How it Works with Apptivo

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

Although the events cannot be viewed or changed from Apptivo, it is important to note that Apptivo retains a backup of all events data. This is important if you are ever to move your site to a new server, or start from a new WordPress database. Because the data is stored with Apptivo, your events will remain in sync from … Continue reading

Events: Front-End Integration

Posted by Apptivo Business Advisory Team

Embedding in Pages When configuring the events, you almost always want to create at least one page that is dedicated to the “Full View” template.  If you don’t already have one, let’s start by creating a new page called “Events”.  In this page, we’ll type in a short introduction and summary of the page, and then paste in the shortcode … Continue reading